Changing Instagram username is very easy just follow this method


Instagram is a popular short video sharing platform. Most of the people spend a lot of their time on it. Through this app owned by Meta, you can not only share photos and videos but also interact with each other. Many times a profile name and username are generated when people create a profile. However, you can change this later if you want.

Instagram gives you a direct way to change username. You can change your Instagram username by following some easy steps. You can keep any creative username as per your convenience so that your account looks attractive to people. If you do not know how to change Instagram username then read this article. Here’s the complete method.


Change Instgaram Username like this

First of all, we talk about the profile name of Instagram. Instagram display names help make crafting your online identity fun. This is a fun and essential feature of your Instagram profile. You can use letters, numbers, periods, and underscores when selecting a display name. Different from your Instagram handle, your Instagram display name can contain special characters and emoji.

To change the name of the Instagram account, note that the latest version of the app is installed in your phone and your Android smartphone or iPhone is connected to the Internet.

Follow these steps

For this, first open the Instagram app on your phone. Then click on the profile icon. You will find it at the bottom of the right side.
Now click on Edit Profile option.
Then click on Name to change your Instagram name.
Now write the name and click on Done or checkmark coming on the right side.
Click on the profile icon to change the username. Then go to edit profile and click on the username coming under the name and select any name according to your choice. Now write the name and click on the Done option coming up.


Important information

For your information, let us tell you that name and username have different meanings on Instagram. Your display name, which appears below the profile icon, does not need to be unique. You can customize it with special characters and emoji. Whereas, your Instagram handle or username appears at the top of your profile, which gives you a different identity.


Can use old username back

If you want to go back to your old username, you have the option to do so. Instagram retains your old handle for 14 days. After this that username becomes available to other users. However, if no one else uses it, you can get it again.



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