Curtain Raised from BoAT Smart Ring, will be equipped with heart rate monitor and body temperature sensor


BoAt has announced a brand new wearable in India. However, this wearable is not a band or a smartwatch but a smart ring. Yes, the company has announced its first boAT Smart Ring in India. In this smart ring, you will get all the health-features that a smartphone and smartwatch provide you. Apart from this, this smart ring has been introduced with 5ATM water resistance for daily use. Along with this, you will also get many smart controls. Let’s know all the details related to this ring.

The company has announced boAT Smart Ring on the official Twitter handle of boAT India. The company has announced that this smart ring will be launched in India soon. At present, the launch date has not been revealed yet. You will be able to buy this ring from the official site of Amazon, Flipkart and boAt.


BoAt Smart Ring Specifications

Talking about the features, this smart ring is a health and wellness wearable. As we said, in this ring you will get all the health features that are available with smartphones and smartwatches. Talking about the design, this ring is made of ceramic and metal build, which looks quite stylish. For daily use, the company has introduced it with 5 ATM, which makes it water and sweat resistant.

This ring tracks your daily activity like a smartwatch, smartwatch and smartphone, which includes step count, distance count and calorie burn etc. Talking about health features, it will get a heart rate monitoring sensor, which will track your heart rate during workouts. Many smart touch control facilities will be provided in this ring.

Not only this, this ring will also measure your body temperature. The company claims that this ring is going to help you identify many health issues. Apart from this, the SpO2 monitoring sensor will also be provided in the ring, which will provide information about the blood oxygen level.

Not only during the day, this ring will also monitor your sleep while sleeping at night. The smart ring will monitor your sleeping patterns, including sleep duration, sleep stage (REM, deep sleep, light).

Like smart bands and watches, the ring will also act as a menstrual tracker for women. For this, women will be able to track their menstrual cycle. In addition, this ring will also provide push smart notifications and reminders.

This smart ring can be connected with the boAt Ring App. Through this app, you will be able to view and track the data provided by Ring.

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