‘Edge for Gamer’ mode coming soon to Microsoft Edge


Tech company Microsoft is soon going to add a new mode in the settings of the Edge browser, named ‘Edge for Gamers’ mode, keeping in mind the gamers. With the introduction of this facility, the gaming experience of the players will be better. In this, players will get features like sidebar app, dark mode and custom game theme. This mode will be very useful for gamers and they will be able to play the game with full focus.

What Edge for Gamers mod

According to GizmChina’s report, testing of Edge for Gamers mode is underway. The report further states that whenever gamers turn on this mode, apps ranging from Dark Mode to Windows will automatically be added to the sidebar. From here users will be able to use all these applications.

The company says that this mode will be very useful for those players who interact with other players while playing the game. They will not need to open a separate app to interact with other gamers. Apart from this, users will also get the facility to download themes related to their games.

The Edge for Gamers mode features a gaming-focused homepage with the addition of a sidebar that will specifically cater to the needs of gamers. This will also improve the gaming experience of the players.

Gaming Efficiency feature will be available in the mode

The report suggests that the Gaming Efficiency feature will also be added to the Edge for Gamers mode, which will provide a better gaming experience by reducing browser usage.

When will the new mod be released

Microsoft is currently testing Edge for Gamers mode. It is being speculated that in the coming days the company will release this feature for all stable users.

Launched this program earlier this month

For your information, remind that the tech brand Microsoft had introduced the Xbox Game Pass Friend Referral Program for its users earlier this month. Under this new initiative, gamers can gift their passes to their friends.

The company told that the players who will get the pass as a gift, they will be able to play the game for free for 14 days. Additionally, players who receive the pass will also be able to link Riot Games accounts.

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