Gaming Addiction: Young man hanged himself in Pune


Online gaming addiction claimed the life of a 32 year old man from Pune. This cab driver named Ganesh was addicted to online gambling games like Rummy. According to the police, Ganesh committed suicide due to losing money in this online game. Ganesh got addicted to online gaming because of the extra income. He often started playing this game for extra income and started investing money in it. As per the reports surfacing, Ganesh’s family suspects that he was upset because of losing money in online gaming, due to which he took this extreme step.

According to the Indian Express report, Ganesh, a resident of Teli Ali in Talegaon Dabhade, lost a few rupees in online rummy. However, the police are yet to recover any suicide note and the incident is under investigation. He was found hanging in his room on Sunday night at around 8:30 pm. He was hurriedly brought to the nearest hospital, where the doctor declared him brought dead.


There are many betting apps available on the App Store

Even before this, the government has been very strict about online gaming like rummy and gambling. There are many online gambling apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store where betting is done. This type of online addiction is being felt by the youth nowadays and they lose money in the process of earning fast money and then take such steps.

In August last year, a 25-year-old man from Tamil Nadu committed suicide after losing money in online rummy. This young man had lost Rs 5 lakh in online rummy.


How to avoid online gaming addiction?

It is true that gaming companies force players to buy in-game items etc. in online multiplayer games to earn maximum revenue. Due to gaming addiction, players playing such games use their hard money. The biggest concern is for those playing games on betting apps.

Players invest their hard money in betting apps like Rummy, Poker, so that they can earn more money faster. In the age of the internet, gaming has also become a source of online scams where people fall prey to greed.

Experts in this matter also believe that any game should be played only for entertainment and should be played for a limited period. This will not make you addicted to the game. Before playing online betting games, be mentally prepared that there can be losses in it. If you are not mentally ready to lose, then you should avoid this type of game.


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