Google is bringing ‘Connected Flight’ mode feature


Google is soon going to bring the Connected Flight Mode feature for Android users. This feature of Google will work on devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets working on the Android operating system. After the roll out of this feature, the flight mode will automatically be turned on in the Android phone of the users traveling by air. Flight mode will be removed from the passenger’s Android device as soon as the aircraft disembarks. Google has applied for a patent for this connected flight mode feature, the details of which have been leaked online.


Patent Leaked

Once this feature is rolled out for Android devices, flight attendants will no longer have to announce when their mobile devices have been put on flight mode. Also, passengers will not need to remove flight mode after landing from the flight.

According to the leaked patent of Google, this feature will be able to use the sensors of the user’s device to detect that he is currently in flight. For this, the acceleration or velocity sensor present in the device, cabin sounds, ultrasonic signal, GPS signal, cellular ID, Wi-Fi signal, pressure sensor etc. will be used. This sensor will automatically put the device on flight mode and remove flight mode as soon as passengers board or disembark the plane.

After the Connected Flight Mode feature is on, users will neither be able to receive calls nor send any text messages in flight. This feature will only allow users to access Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on their devices, which users can use for in-flight internet service and listening to music, etc.


It is mandatory to turn on flight mode during flight

If you are going to travel by plane, then it is necessary to turn on the flight mode in the mobile device after boarding the flight. This is so that the frequency of the mobile network signal and the frequency used to connect the flight to air traffic control do not overlap and affect the flight of the aircraft. When flight mode is turned on, the mobile devices of the passengers are disconnected from the network and there will be no overlap in frequencies.



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