iPhone craze again first 4GB model sold for record 1.5 crores


Apple’s first iPhone has received a record bid. In an auction conducted by an online website, its 4GB variant has been bid for 318 times more expensive than the launch price.

People use Apple’s products as a status symbol. The first iPhone of the American company has got a record bid. The 4GB variant of Apple’s first iPhone fetched a record Rs 1.5 crore in a bid posted by a website. Apple’s first iPhone is hardly available for sale anywhere. People’s craze for such rare iPhones has been seen once again. Earlier, its 8GB variant was also auctioned in February this year for a record 63 thousand US dollars i.e. around Rs 51.7 lakh.


Was launched in 2007

Apple company founder Steve Jobs launched the first 4GB variant iPhone in 2007. The price of the first iPhone was US $ 500 i.e. around Rs 41,000. Apple made a mark in the market with its first iPhone. The first iPhone was launched only in the US market. Later it was made available in Europe and other countries. The first iPhone is also rare because Apple only made limited units of it.


Record Bid

The auction for the 4GB variant of the first iPhone was conducted by LCG Auctions a few weeks ago. The auction bid for its sealed unit was estimated between $50,000 to $100,000. The company expected that in the auction of the first variant, it could get up to 1 lakh dollars i.e. about 80 lakh rupees. However, in the last hour of the auction, the bid price shot up sharply to $1,08,356 and closed at $1,58,644. This device was auctioned for $ 1,90,372 i.e. more than Rs 1.5 crore with tax.

Earlier this year, Apple engineer Phil Martino auctioned the 8GB variant of his iPhone 1 for $63,000, or about Rs 51 lakh. The current 4GB variant was a factory sealed unit. The auction amount of this iPhone was about 318 times of its launch price. This Apple iPhone was in stock for the last 16 years as an unsold unit.


Growing craze for Apple products

People are getting more craze in the last few months regarding the old iPhone. There are huge bids to buy old iPhones and they are being sold at record prices. Apple has opened its first physical retail store in India this year. The company’s CEO Tim Cook inaugurated Apple Stores in Mumbai and Delhi. During this also, there was a craze for Apple in both the cities.


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