New custom instructions feature in ChatGPT Now you will not have to give same instructions again and again


OpenAI has recently launched a new Custom Instructions feature for ChatGPT users. With its help, the user will no longer have to give the same instructions like reply within 1,000 words or keep the tone of the response formal, every time they interact with the chatbot.

Explain that the AI ​​tool ChatGPT can modify its answers according to the instructions given by the users. However, it would be better if he modifies his response in advance according to the needs of the users. To provide this facility to the users, this AI-chatbot of OpenAI has come up with the option of custom instruction for ChatGPT. Come, let’s know in detail.


ChatGPT Custom Instructions

ChatGPT’s new Custom Instructions feature will give users more control over the AI ​​tool. Now the chatbot will customize the answer to your question according to you. Users can set some preferences and ChatGPTT will take care of those things while replying in future.

It will act like a filter in a way. The way you select the price, size and brand etc. while shopping online and then the app shows you the product accordingly. Similarly ChatGPT will allow you to set a few things while replying.

OpenAI says that ChatGPT will take into account your custom instructions for each conversation going forward. This way you won’t have to repeat your preferences or information in every conversation.


How will it work?

For example, you are a cook and you cook for four people. You can set a custom instruction saying that whenever you request a recipe from ChatGPT, the content and cooking technology should generally be as per a meal required to feed four people. So when you ask ChatGPT about ingredients for preparation, it will tell you the quantity to make a dish for four people.


Available to these people

The custom instruction feature for ChatGPT is available to Plus plan users. Available globally except UK and EU. For the time being, it is for beta users. However, as per a report by Techcrunch, the custom instructions feature has disappeared for some users. For this reason, if you are not getting this facility now, do not worry. You will also be able to use it in the future.

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