New security feature in Google, will alert on contact leak


Google is now making it easier to delete your contact information from its platform. Users can remove their personal details like phone number, e-mail address etc. from Google search. For this, the company has rolled out a new security feature. This new security feature of Google will send an alert if it finds a user’s address, phone number, e-mail address etc. on its platform, in which it will give the option to review and request to remove these information. By doing this, users will be able to remove their personal information from the search.

Will be able to easily remove personal information

Users will be able to remove their information from the dashboard for both mobile and web versions by visiting the ‘results about you’ section in Google Search. This feature was first rolled out in September, now its new update has been released. As soon as you input your personal information on Google, its dashboard will tell you about the websites where your personal information is recorded. You will be able to review each webpage and request its removal.

In this way, you can prevent your personal information from being misused. Earlier, the user had to find out his personal information by going to Google search, then had to apply for its removal. After the new update, the user will automatically see these details, for which he will be able to apply for removal.

Will be able to send alerts

If you do not want any of your personal information to appear in Google search in future also, then you can enable push notification service for that. By doing this, if any website uploads your personal information to Google, then you will get its alert through push notification, after which you will be able to put a request to remove it. However, removing your information from Google search does not mean that your personal details will be completely removed from the web page. This will only protect your personal information from being searched, so that hackers or cyber criminals cannot get hold of your personal information.

This new update of Google has been brought to review the personal information of the common user and remove it faster from the search. Its purpose is to prevent misuse of user’s personal information. Many times before this, hackers have extracted personal information of users through Google search and have carried out incidents like online fraud. This update has been released so that cyber criminals do not get the user’s personal information in Google search.

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