New State Mobile June Update has arrived, many new features are available


Krafton has announced the June update for its popular battle royale game New State Mobile. The new update has brought many exciting features, including a new map for the Round Deathmatch (RDM) mode. Apart from this, players are also getting upgrade feature for vehicle skin and customize options for L85A3. Come, let’s know about it in detail.

New State Mobile June Update

Dead Rock

The June update of New State Mobile brings a new map called Dead Rock in RDM mode. This is a map for the three-team RDM mode, in which three teams of four players each face off in a shrinking battle arena.

Three teams will compete in the Dead Rock map. It is played over four rounds, with the first team to win two rounds becoming the eventual winner.

This change happened for the skins

The June update has also brought improvements to the skin. Crafton says vehicle skins are now upgradeable, as are popular guns and outfits. According to the company, achieving certain upgrade levels will improve the appearance and change the colors.

In addition, driving effects and boost effects have also been added. Also, the vehicle can be summoned from the Starting Island. Crafton says that to upgrade vehicle skins, you can also get tokens from vehicles that players already have from Lucky Spins or crates.

New feature of assault rifle

Another significant change coming with the game’s June update is the introduction of a customization called ‘Dedicated Suppressor’ for the assault rifle L85A3. Krafton says that with this, not only will the damage and silencing effect be increased, but both vertical and horizontal recoil will also be slightly increased.

Additionally, the game’s developer says that the recoil control applied when using the ‘Dedicated Extended Mag’ for the ‘MG5’ light machine gun has been slightly reduced.

Other changes

There have been other changes with the update. A player can now hide their character’s helmet, but equipped helmets will still be visible to others. Vertical sensitivity can be increased to increase visibility in aircraft during a fall and when using a parachute.

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