Sonorous Heart Gloo Wall available in Free Fire MAX, Know how to get it


Many new cosmetic items have come with the latest update in Garena Free Fire MAX. The developer of the popular battle royale game, Sonorous Heart, has come up with a new glue wall for the Indian servers. This can be found as a grand prize. This glue wall skin will help players to win the game. However, players have limited time to get it. You can get it through an event. Come, read below to know the details of the event.


Free Fire MAX Sonorous Wall Event

The new Free Fire MAX Sonorous Wall event has started on June 5, 2023. It will run till June 12. In this, players will have to spend the in-game currency i.e. Diamonds to get the Glue Wall as the grand prize.

Five locks are given in this event. Players have to select all the locks one by one. In one of the locks, the gamer will find the Sonorous Heart Gloo Wall. However, even if you select the wrong lock, you will not go empty handed. You will be given a different item as a reward. The list of rewards is given below.


Reward List

Apart from the wall, players are also getting many exciting items as rewards in this event.

Pet Kins: Waggor Love
2x Cube Fragment
2x Mystic Seeker (SCAR + SPAS 12) Weapon Loot Crate
3x Gold Royale Voucher (Expire date- July 31, 2023)
For your information, let us tell you that diamonds will have to be spent to select each lock of the event. The price will increase continuously with each lock like a spin.

Selecting the first lock will cost you 9 diamonds, 19 for the second, 49 for the third, 99 for the fourth and 399 for the fifth.


How to get Reward?

The player must first open Free Fire Max on his device. After this, there will be an option of this event at the top of the left side, click on it.
Now select Sonorous Wall from the menu. By doing this, you will reach the interface of the event.
Then select the lock by spending the diamond, which is to be unlocked. Keep doing this process until the glue wall is found.

You will have five chances for this. Players can spend a total of 575 diamonds. There will be a chance to get not only the exclusive Glu Wall but also many other items in this many diamonds. This means that this is a good chance to get bang items for less diamonds.


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