Strict action against Meta! Will have to pay a fine of Rs 82 lakh every day


Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is going to face a big fine. The company will have to pay a fine of $ 1 lakh daily i.e. about Rs 82 lakh. The company has been accused of privacy violations. Until the company makes an action plan to prevent user data privacy violations, it will have to pay this fine. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority will impose this fine on Meta. If the company is fined, then its effect can be seen in other European countries as well.


Rs 82 lakh fine every day

According to the report, the Norwegian regulator will impose this penalty on Meta from August 4 to November 3, 2023. Before this, the company will have to take action on the violation of user data privacy. According to the report, Meta cannot access the data of Norwegian citizens, which includes the physical location of the user. Usually Meta or other social media companies use the user’s location to target ads.

According to a Reuters report, the Norwegian authority has said that Meta not only uses user data. Rather, it uses its physical location to earn revenue through advertising. This is completely illegal and is a kind of advertising method. We have to stop Meta immediately. We can’t wait any longer.


Company will review the decision

Meta has responded to this and said that we will review the authority’s decision and will not let our services be affected by it. Norway’s Datatilsynet has also referred this to the European Data Protection Board. Due to the European Data Protection Board, there will be more pressure on the company.

This decision of the Norwegian authority comes after the decision of the European Union, in which it has been said that Meta cannot use user data illegally. In December last year, the Irish regulator (DPC) also prohibited Meta from doing so.


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