These 7 new features will be added soon in Google Chat the user will be very useful


Google is soon going to add seven new features to improve its messaging app Google Chat. These include features like smart compose, quote message and read receipt. These features will improve the user experience. Let us know in detail about these upcoming features of Google Chat.


Smart Compose

Smart Compose is currently available in Gmail and Google Docs. Now this feature is going to come soon in Google Chat. With its help, users will be able to send error free messages. Apart from this, users will also get message suggestions.


Message Editing

In Google Chat, users will be able to edit the message easily. The company says that through this facility, users will be able to send the correct message at one go. This will also reduce the chances of misspelling of the message. Apart from this, users will get the facility to delete the message.


Quoting Messages

This feature will be added to group messages soon. Users will be able to quote and reply to any message in the group. The advantage of this will be that other users will be able to easily identify the user’s message.


Read Receipts

Users will soon get the facility of read receipt in Google Chat. With the introduction of this feature, users will know who has read their messages. Users will see the reader’s avatar below the read message.


Direct Linking

Google is about to add link sharing feature to the Chat app. Users will now be able to hyperlink any text in Google Chat. For this, the user has to tap on the icon built into the app or he can also use the Ctrl + k shortcut to use the feature.


Hiding Inactive Conversations

This feature will automatically hide those messages and spaces in Google Chat, which the user has not replied to in the last seven days. Users will be able to see those messages and spaces by tapping on the More button.


Add Apps

A new feature is soon going to be added to the Groups section of Google Chat, so that users will be able to add any app on the platform. For example, if you want to give a surprise party to someone, then you can prepare a to-do list by adding the Asana app, so that you will be able to prepare the surprise in a better way.


This feature will be released soon

Google says that with these features coming in the chat app, the experience of the users will be better and these features will be very useful for them. All the upcoming features will be rolled out to users across the world in the coming weeks.

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