Twitter will soon be able to be used only in dark mode, Elon Musk confirmed


Elon Musk has announced a big change in Twitter soon. Musk tweeted that users would only get dark mode in Twitter. The process of change is going on in the microblogging site Twitter. Recently the domain and logo of the platform were changed. Apart from this, the name of Twitter’s official account was also changed. Now another change is going to happen in the platform soon, the information of which has been shared by the company’s owner Elon Musk himself. Let’s know…

Will get only Dark Mode

Elon Musk tweeted that users will soon get only dark mode in Twitter. It is correct in every way. From this tweet, it seems that Musk believes that X should have only dark mode. However, he has not yet informed how long this change will be seen in Twitter.

light mode will be removed

Musk’s tweet appears to indicate that Lite Mode will be removed from Twitter. However, there has been no response from the company yet. It is expected that Twitter can make a big announcement regarding dark mode in the coming days.

What is Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a feature, when activated, the interface of the application becomes completely black and the text becomes light colored. The advantage of this will be that users can read the content available in the app even in low-light conditions. It doesn’t even strain the eyes.

The limit for sending messages will be decided soon.

Before changing the logo and domain, Twitter had announced setting a limit on direct messages. The company tweeted that the number of spam messages on the platform is increasing rapidly, so the message limit will be set to prevent spam messages. Earlier, the company had added the Message Request feature to curb spam messages.

Post read limit set

Before the message limit, the company had fixed the limit of reading posts on Twitter. Under this update, now verified users can read 10,000 posts in a day on the platform. At the same time, unverified account users will get 1000 posts and new unverified users will get 500 posts to read in a day. Earlier, Twitter made it mandatory to login to view posts.

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