Voice feature in Road to Valor mobile game, will be able to talk while playing the game


Krafton has added a new voice chat feature to its amazing mobile game Road To Valor. Through this facility, players can now communicate with each other during the game. This feature works similar to the voice chat feature found in the Battleground Mobile India BGMI game. This new feature will improve the gaming experience of the players.


Road To Valor Voice Chat Feature

The voice chat found in the Road To Valor game is an Invite Only feature and this feature will be available to those players who have received its invite. This feature can be used in Friendly Battle, 2 vs 2 Battle and Custom Battle mode.

The company said that through the voice chat feature, players can talk with their teammates and opponents. Along with this, players will get the facility to mute and unmute anyone during the battle.


Game must be updated

To use the voice chat feature, users will have to download the latest version of the game from Google Play-Store and App Store. The game developer says that this feature will improve the social and gaming experience of the players.

Let us tell you that Crafton launched this game in March. The graphics of this game are superb and Hindi language support has been given in it. In addition, the game allows you to create your own custom room. Also, many game modes are available in it.


Important Rule of the game

Crafton has added an important rule to the game this time. Under this rule, players who are below 18 years of age will be able to play the game only for 3 hours in a day. Apart from this, a campaign has also been started. Its initiative is named Heartbeat of India. Under this campaign, the company will share the story of India’s top gamers on social media platforms. This will give a different identity to the players.

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