What changed in BGMI after the ban was lifted from India?


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is back in India. After three months of testing, the ban will be completely lifted from this popular battle royale game. However, the game is now available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Krafton has stated that they are rolling out the game in a way that allows for easy onboarding to bring players back into the game. For this reason it may take some time before you can log in and play the game. Players have seen some changes for the Battle Royale game since the ban was lifted. Come, let’s know in detail.


These changes happened after BGMI unban

To coincide with the game’s return, developer Krafton has rolled out a new update. Many new features have come in the update, including the new Nusa Map, Mechanism, Super Recall and Weapon etc.


New Map Nusa

The battle royale game BGMI features a 1×1 map of the Nusa resort island, making it the smallest map offered in BGMI. It offers immersive experience with a single match lasting just eight minutes.


Ziplines entered the game

Ziplines have also entered the game as special features of the map. This can be used by players to go faster across the island. Also, elevators are available, which can be installed in hotels in the “New City”. It includes fun gameplay features such as zorb balls, swimming pools, flammable buildings and destructible jars.

Super recall came in the map

Not just that, the map also includes Super Recall, which allows players to bring back a dead player with a weapon within a specific amount of time in Duo/Squad mode. In solo mode, players can be automatically called back without having to help teammates.

In addition, the map also includes a new tactical crossbow weapon and a new two-seater off-road ATV that has been added to the game.


Now players can only play the game for so many hours

After withdrawal the developer has imposed a ban. Players under the age of 18 can only play the game for three hours in a day. The rest of the people will be able to play the game for six hours a day.


In Game events

There is a 7 day login event going on in the game. This gives players the permanent purple grade Underworld Guardian set. In addition, players are getting the pink grade Badlands Punk outfit in the 15-day progressive event.

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