WhatsApp brought amazing feature, now you will be able to send video messages


WhatsApp can now send video messages just like voice messages. Meta owned popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has announced a new Instant Video Messages feature. The company is constantly working on new features to make the way you interact with the app even more fun. Testing of the video message feature was going on for a long time and finally it has been introduced today. Read below to know in detail.

WhatsApp Video Messages Feature

WhatsApp has announced a feature to record and share instant short videos in chats. With the help of this new feature, users can now record and share short and private videos directly in the chat.

WhatsApp CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also informed about this new feature from his Instagram channel. Along with this, a video has also been shared, in which it is clearly visible how this feature will work.

Will be able to record such a big video

According to WhatsApp’s blog post, users can record video messages up to 60 seconds long. This feature will work like a voice message feature. The way you can record and share messages by clicking on the voice message icon in the chat itself. Similarly, now you will be able to share video messages as well.

There will be no need to record video separately to send video message to anyone. This new feature will give users many facilities like wishing birthday in a new way.

                   How to use?

1. The video message feature is just as easy as using the voice message feature.
2. For this, you have to open the chat and tap on the voice message icon at the bottom.
3. Doing so will switch you to the video message icon.
4. Then press and hold on the icon to record the video.
5. It will be sent as soon as you release the icon. At the same time, if you want to record hands-free video, you can also swipe up.

When a video message is opened in a WhatsApp chat, it will automatically start playing muted and tapping on the video will play the sound. For this feature, users will also have the facility of end-to-end encryption.



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