YouTube’s big announcement, will not be able to click on any link given in shorts


Video streaming giant YouTube has made an important announcement for its short video platform YouTube Shorts keeping in mind the increasing spam attacks. Users will not be able to click on the link provided on the comment and description section of the short. The company believes that with this step spam attempts can be easily stopped.

YouTube said that from August 31, 2023, users will not be able to click on links in the comments, description and live feed of YouTube Shorts. This change will be rolled out gradually. The company further said that this decision of ours will make it difficult for spammers and scammers to make users their victims. This step will keep our platform safe. At the same time, clickable social media icons from the desktop will also be removed soon.

New methods of link sharing will be announced

According to the company, Link is a means by which creators can share important information with their community. We’ll be announcing new ways to share links soon.

Here’s the link on youtube

Starting August 23, YouTube mobile and desktop users will be able to see links near the subscribe button on creator’s channels. Here creators will be able to add links from their social media profiles to merchandise sites.

Recently started testing of ‘For You’ tab

YouTube had announced the testing of the ‘For You’ tab before making the important announcement related to the link. With the introduction of this tab, users will get video suggestions based on the videos they have watched from the channels they have subscribed to on the platform. This will make the platform more personalized and the user experience will also be better.

Apart from this, YouTube also upgraded its platform, under which users can now turn off video recommendations by turning off the watch history function. By doing this, users will not see a single suggested video on the home feed. For the time being, this update has been released for select users. It is expected that in the coming days it will be released for all users.

Introduced this program in June

Remind you that video streaming platform YouTube launched the YouTube Partner Program in June this year, under which a lot of concession was given in the payment policy. After this update, creators will get paid only when they have 500 followers, 3000 hours of watch time, 3 videos in 90 days and 3 million views.

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