Zoom launches AI based ‘Intelligent Director’ feature


Popular video conferencing platform Zoom has rolled out the Intelligent Director feature based on artificial intelligence technology for rooms. This feature streams enhanced video using multiple cameras, so other conference participants can clearly see the person hosting the meeting. The company says that this feature has been specially designed for large online conferences.


Intelligent Director Feature

Zoom revealed that the new Intelligent Director feature fine-tunes the online meeting room by using multiple cameras and AI technology to frame up to 16 participants in a gallery view. The company further revealed that this feature works exactly like the Zoom Smart Gallery feature and will take the Zoom Large conference room to a different level.

The company’s Chief Product Officer Smita Hashim said that the Intelligent Director is a system that will connect all the employees of the company. He will be able to talk face-to-face through this facility.


Feature will be available soon

Zoom’s latest Intelligent Director feature is currently available to select users. This feature will be released soon for all stable users.


Will be able to use avatar during meeting

Remind you that the video conferencing app Zoom released the human avatar earlier this year, which users can use during online meetings. Users can create their own cartoon version through this feature. You can use various filters for this.

The avatar feature is currently under testing. This feature is available on beta platform. The avatar is expected to be released soon for all stable users.


Focus Mode

Zoom launched Focus Mode in the year 2021 keeping students in mind. Through this feature, students can attend online classes with full attention. The advantage of this will be that the attention of the students will not be diverted. On the other hand teachers will also be able to see the students easily. The company said during the launch that this feature will be very useful for students and teachers.

The company said that after the focus mode is activated, students will not be able to see other students studying with them and they will only see their teachers on the screen.

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